Right Time

Pray, then let it go. Don’t try and manipulate or force the outcome. Trust God to open the right doors at the right time.

Try Again

The sun will Rise and we will Try again.


One of the Best signs of your growth is seeing yourself no longer worried, bothered, or hurt by the things that once used to drain you. You’re getting better and it feels so GOOD.

Never Give-up

Give-up for a minute, for an Hour, for a second, but Never Really Give-up!

Embrace Your Challenges

Once You Embrace Your Challenges, You Will Find Life Less Stressful.


Humility is necessary for growth. Be humble, Be teachable. The Universe is bigger than your view of the universe. There is always room for a new idea.

Fresh Start

You hold the power to start afresh.

11 Reminders

Hey, it’s me…Your Heart

Shut! Your heart is trying to talk to you.

Game of Life

Be careful with the game of life! Once you’re out, people forget about you!

Do Not Let Go!

The more you weaken, the more you let it go.

Dreams Come True!

Do you want your dreams to come true? Wake up and start making them happen.

Live Your Life

Do not let life live you; rather, live your life.

Your Mind

Everything begins and ends in your mind. What you give power to, has power over you. Only if you allow it to.

No Judgement Zone

My biggest flex in life is people feel comfortable enough to be themselves around me, because this is a no judgement zone.

Be Your Own…

Be your own best friend. Be your own gym partner. Be your own coffee buddy. be your own partner in crime. Be everything for yourself rather than relying on others to do that for you.


Let your vibe be so high that toxic people in your life disappear, because they no longer know how to approach you.


Sobriety is never owned, it is rented. And the rent is due everyday.

Face Your Truth

Are you looking for a quote to encourage your choices or to make you face the truth? 

A Greater You!

Challenges are greater every time, and they will require a greater self as well. 

Different challenge , Different Move!

Do not use your past achievements to motivate yourself for future challenges.

The Change that Changes

If you do not change, change will change you! 

The Heart Never Lies

Never read the lips but read the heart. 

The Quote of Life

Read a quote carefully, some can instantly change your life.

The Yes Behind the No

Do not give up yet! There is always a YES behind a NO! 

Unshakable Being

Work on yourself until you become unshakable! 

Where are You?

You have three choices: to watch the story, to write the story or to live the story. 

Your Motivational Truth

Motivational quotes based on lies destroy, and motivational quotes based on truths build! 

Life & Food

If you are defined by what you eat, you will understand if you really care about yourself! 

Not My Dreams!

Dreams are personal, let no one take them from you. 

Style your Writing

Sometimes it needs to be bold, italic or underlined. 

Wait ,Not yet !

Do not crush it yet! yet is your key in it…wait! 

Act !

Acting on fear is better that not acting at all.

You are Alive!

Sit down, breathe intensely, you will remember that you are alive. 

Dream Awake

You can decide to live in your dreams; but you will end up waking up. 

Connect to Understand

The only way to understand others, it is by connecting with them. 

Other Pains are Greater

Once you understand the pain of others, there is no turning back to your own. 

Look Focus

Look closely, you will focus properly. 

Step(s) for Each

One step at the time does not work for everyone, someone might have gone through fifteen steps for you already. 

Never Quit

Success is connected with action. Successful people keep on moving they may fail but they never quit.

Full Potential

The key to unlock the door to personal excellence is your will to win, your desire to succeed and the urge to reach your full potential.


People often says that motivation does not last. Well, neither does brushing your teeth… that is why we recommend it daily.

The Secret

The secret to winning in life is 3 simple steps… Consistency, Determination, and management.

Accept The Challenges

Accept the challenges life throws at you so you can feel the exhilaration of your victory.

Keep On Pushing Through

Look how far you have come, look how far you have gone, with all the circumstances you have been through in this life. With everything that knocked you down, something pulled you back up… your willpower, faith, or whatever it was you have got to where you needed to be. Nothing is stopping you to…

What You Have Is Substantial

If you wake up in the morning and start having negative thoughts… STOP for a second and start going over in your mind everything you have to be grateful for,  not everything you want but everything you have. Because what you have is substantial.

Positive Vibes

I can’t do negative vibes today, positive vibes … positive vibes Only.

Boss Up

In life there are going to be people that will never like you because your heart and spirit irritates their demons. So, boss up Queen.

Move On

There comes a time in one’s life where you don’t have anything bad to say about anybody.. you keep your distance and move on, think about your own business not everybody else’s business.

Get To Work

At some point things are going to go south on you, now you can either accept that or you can get to work. You just have to begin you solve one problem and you solve the next one and if you solve enough problems, you eventually get to the solution.